Teaching Lodge 




Ray Reitze  is a master guide in Maine, philosophy teacher and author of And We Shall Cast Rainbows Upon the Land. It is Ray's calling to teach the ways of wisdom that he learned from "Grandfather", a MicMac elder. He has dedicated his life to the teachings of love and kindness. In 1988 Ray founded Earthways Guided Canoe Trips and School of Wilderness Living and teaches wilderness skills and philosophy. He encourages us to know who we are and to take the time to be still. Ray brings to the world a gentle ad humble presence that draws all who meet him towards peace, light, and love.

Molly Gawler is a dancer and musician from midcoast Maine. She grew up in a musical family and with fiddle, banjo and song the Gawler Family Band make merriment where ever they go. Dancing has been a source of great joy for Molly as she toured around the world and performed with various groups including Pilobolus Dance Theater. She now has her own solo dance company called Droplet Dance which integrates story, circus, dance, and mime. The circus apparatus called the Cyr Wheel is a hoop that she finds is a good teacher for letting go and feeling the flow of life. Healing Arts came into her life when she realized that Thai Massage feels like a dance, and so she went to study with Rose Griscom and journeyed to Thailand to deepen the knowledge.  She has since come back to her home-state of Maine and is offering Heart Dance, Thai Massage, and Meditation in Movement classes at the Teaching Lodge. 

Gabrielle Hunter is a Certified Yoga Instructor (CYT-200) with years of experience as a Yoga instructor in a community studio environment.  She is ecstatic to share her understanding and love of this ancient and yet wholly relevant art/science phenomenon. Her background in the medical field lends 11 years of real world knowledge to her understanding of Yoga for all types of bodies, especially those with injury and/or chronic pain.  In addition, as a massage therapist, she focuses heavily on alignment and body consciousness for safety and maximum progress in her classes.  Her art and Jungian psychology backgrounds lend a sense of mythology and visual symbolism to her classes, which often include archetypal themes, stories, poetry, art and natural elements in each class as well.  Gabrielle has been a yoga practitioner for over 12 years. (Which includes study with Darren Rhodes of Yoga Oasis,  Aiyana Athenian and Krishna Peter Perry of ShivaShakti School of Yoga, Marcia Tulles, Stephanie Lindsey and Scott Turpin to name a few.) 

YOGA  is her PASSION.  YOGA is her MEDICINE.  YOGA  is her ART.   


Wendy Webb

Wendy is a homeschooling mama and mountain lover. She is intrigued by arm balances, the details of anatomy of asana and tequila. She has been teaching since 2005 and is honored to be a certified Yogahour teacher.